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This site also serves to provide USAC qualified service providers' information for existing 465 Bids.

Health Care Provider (HCP) accounts in the Telecommunications and Internet Access programs and the Health Care Connect Fund program that are part of the Universal Service Administrative Company 465 Bid Process That SQC provides services to are listed when they become available to the bid process.

If you do not know what the 465 Bidding is all about, then most likely you are not qualified to bid. If you are unsure then please do not contact us about the 465 Bids. We bill for training time to educate.

When a bid is open, you will see the open bid and more information concerning it. Please read and download all information concerning the bid before contact us. This will reduce your and our time in the process.


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Look for as to status of the bid.


Status of 465-Bids

What is open


Currently there are no bids open at this time.

See more info for examples of what to look for


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SQC has been helping clients with telecom solutions for over seventeen years.  Depending on your location and situation, we can usually find you a great solution and cost savings as well.  Please contact today to find out more about our telecom team.


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